VALORANT: New changes are coming to the Fracture map!

According to VALORANT level designer Joe Lansford, some upcoming changes for the Fracture map will come in a future update.

Lansford, a developer first posted on TikTok on August 25 in your post“We are currently working on a few changes for Fracture. The over-the-top theme is some general quality-of-life changes to the map, and hopefully it makes zone A more defensible.” With so many entryways on course A, defending the area as defenders or as attackers after setting up a spike is a very difficult task.

Valorant: Fracture

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Lansford also pointed out that some changes will be made around the bowl area near zone A to make it "more useful for attack and defense." Currently, it is quite difficult to control the dish area near A. It's pretty risky for an attacker to push and take an aggressive angle with little protection to retreat.

In addition to summarizing the changes players can expect in the future, Lansford also gave some background on the design and ideas for the Fracture map. Anyone who's played VALORANT can tell you that the layout of spawns and sites in Fracture is unique to other maps, but Lansford explains exactly what the team was aiming for when they created the map.

Fracture's unique design has also resulted in some different agent combinations. In Episode Five Part One, Breach and Neon had around three percent pickup rates per, but in Fracture those numbers increased significantly, especially for Breach in the top leagues.

Lansford didn't give an actual date for the Fracture updates, but said it'll be coming soon.

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