VALORANT Night Market is coming on April 7th!

The Night Market, which everyone is eagerly waiting for, will come to VALORANT on Thursday, April 7 and is expected to be active until Wednesday, April 20.

According to the tweet shared by the Valorleaks Twitter Account today, the Night Market will be added to the game on April 7 and will be available until April 20.

So what is the Night Market? The Night Market is an in-game opportunity that comes to the game every 2 months and offers each player 6 random weapon skins at random percentage (%) discounts.
If you're lucky, you can add your favorite weapon skins to your collection at a very affordable price. If you are not lucky, it will be frustrating for you to wait another 2 months. But if you have this opportunity, it would be a big mistake to think that you will get the same opportunity again at the next night market!

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