VALORANT developers are not happy with the current loading screen player banners.

A VALORANT fan's call to Riot to "bring back full banners" has been answered.

VALORANT fans could once display their player cards with cool banners on the loading screen. However, Riot has recently taken a more conservative approach with the introduction of account levels, limiting the player card to a small square. According to executive producer Anna “SuperCakes” Donlon, the developers are “not satisfied” with how the changes turned out.

Donlon also said that the developers are "taking a look at how to bring the design back to awesome". It's unclear when the feature will be updated, though no exact timeline has been provided.

Existing banners consist mostly of a transparent background, with the player's name and title now in the middle. A small area on the far right is reserved for the player card and account level border. As this simpler approach falls short compared to the previous iteration, Riot could undo it or introduce a similar concept.


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