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How to fix VALORANT Error Code 5

Developers do their best to keep their games free of bugs and bugs, but even the best cannot avoid them. Even if a content patch passes quality and bug tests, there may still be unexpected results. Sometimes servers can crash and cause errors like error code:5.

Error code 5 usually appears when servers are overloaded or under maintenance. When maintenance starts, you will most likely get error code five if you are in a match or in the main lobby. The error may also appear randomly due to inconsistency, but so there are a few workarounds you can try to see if you can get back to VALORANT.

Here's how to fix error code five in VALORANT.

The first item on your troubleshooting agenda should be to check that the VALORANT servers are up and running. If servers are down for maintenance or outage, you will have no choice but to wait for Riot Games to release a fix.

No amount of troubleshooting will bring you back to VALORANT when the servers are down, so you can watch some high-end pro videos on YouTube to improve your game until the servers are back online.

You can use Riot's dedicated server status website to check out VALORANT or follow the game's official social media accounts, as developers often post status updates whenever there is a major outage.

Restart your modem and system

If the servers are up but you still can't start VALORANT due to error code five, you have a few options to try.

Restarting your modem will allow you to troubleshoot your home network. After restarting your modem, the route between you and your internet service provider (ISP) may change, the same is true for VALORANT servers. You can return to the game with a new connection route.

Doing the same for your system at the same time would be time efficient. If the error was caused by a software-related bug, a simple reboot might fix it.

Reinstall Riot Vanguard

Riot Vanguard can be quite misleading at times. While it is VALORANT's number one solution for cheating, it can sometimes cause unexpected errors. Reinstalling Riot Vanguard is standard troubleshooting for most bugs.

Click the start button and type “Control Panel”. Select Programs and Features and find Riot Vanguard to right click. Select Uninstall to delete it from your computer. The next time you try to start VALORANT, the game will automatically load Vanguard first.

Reinstall VALORANT

While no player wants to reinstall the game to fix a bug, this may be your last chance if reinstalling Vanguard doesn't work. A corrupted game file can cause error code 5 to appear, and reinstalling the game will be your best defense against it.

Navigate to the Programs and Features section of the Windows Control Panel and find VALORANT. Right click on it and select Uninstall. Once removed, check your installation folders and delete any traces of VALORANT you can find. This will ensure a clean fresh install when you start downloading VALORANT again.

Submit a support Ticket to Riot

If you cannot log in to VALORANT due to error code 5 after trying all possible troubleshooting, You may need to resort to big guns such as

Submit a support request to Riot and mention any troubleshooting steps you're trying to fix this error. Adding a screenshot of the error might also help and include the logs. A support worker should review your situation and get back to you as soon as possible. This process usually takes no more than a day or two, but your results may vary depending on how busy the support team is.

When you receive a response, you will likely receive further instructions on alternative resolution methods that might fix the error for your system, or you may be asked to provide additional information to further assist the support team. If the bug was caused by Riot's issues, the developers can fix the bug before contacting you. It might be a good idea to continue logging into VALORANT while you wait for a response to your support ticket.

Errors like this can recur over time and may have a different solution method each time they occur, as the underlying factors may also change. Visiting community hubs like Reddit will help when a known bug reoccurs, as many other players can share information to see how they can fix the bug this time around.

Forums and message boards can be filled with new alternative solutions to try, but you should still be careful and not download anything new from unfamiliar sources. Only try to implement solutions that don't require you to download anything suspicious, and be sure to share working solution methods with other community members who encounter the error.

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