UI updates coming soon for VALORANT

The developers at Riot Games plan to introduce a number of UI changes soon, starting with Valorant Patch 5.08, including a major overhaul to the post-game screens that show victory and defeat.

According to Tea Chang, Valorant UX design manager, new victory and defeat screens featuring a “bold team shot” will help “reinforce the emotional narrative (win or lose) from your most recent game while showing off your team's MVP and team composition.” The new images will definitely be more striking than the basic victory or loss screens currently displayed at the end of matches.

On the Internet According to the images circulating, the new design will look like the images below.

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Regardless, the UX and UI teams for VALORANT plan to tweak both the lobby screen and the pre-match kickoff screen. A lot of the noise in the lobby will be removed to improve readability and draw more attention to player cards on the lobby screen. The same can be said for the pre-match loading screen: there will be less clutter and more space for players to display leaderboards, titles and rankings.


The team alludes to these changes as just the beginning of a wave of "visual updates" set to hit the game through greater user experience and visual updates. “Multiple” teams are supposedly working to improve the game in this area. So we may see more UI updates in the future.

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