VALORANT has announced a new ocean-themed Neptune pack!

VALORANT players will soon be able to pick up the new Neptune skin pack from the store to add an oceanic vibe to some of their favorite weapons.

VALORANT is packed with different weapon skins in each theme. Some costumes are simple, others are quirky, dramatically changing the design of each weapon. The latest Neptune pack builds on this concept and gives every weapon an ocean-inspired look.

The Neptune pack includes new skins and a new blade costume for Guardian, Vandal, Specter, Shorty. Each weapon features a lively aquarium with colorful plant life and sea creatures. Weapons also have black and white variants, allowing players to choose a color that suits their style. The blade costume even has a starfish on its skin, making it a cute weapon although it will slash enemies.

Also coming to the game today is Patch 4.10, which brings minor changes to Haven, new sound additions when a deployable ability is destroyed, and a few bug fixes to help the game's overall state. The new costumes won't change or improve your gameplay, but they can help you look cool when you're fighting.

Riot Games did not reveal the cost of the new bundle, but it will be available in the in-game store on May 25. As with any package, the packages will be on display for a certain period of time, if you like the costume, be sure to purchase the costumes before leaving the store.


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