VALORANT temporarily removed Split from competitive queue

Riot Games has announced that it has removed Split from the competitive VALORANT map pool after a map exploit was discovered.

The return date of the map has not been announced yet, players will probably have to wait a few days for Split.

The specific issue wasn't mentioned by Riot, but the issue is thought to be caused by a new spotlight where Jett, who has recently gained fame on reddit, could be bouncing off in A heaven. Although this issue has been in the game for a while, it has recently gained notoriety on social media sites like Reddit.

Players could jump out of the box 2 times to the lights at the heaven entrance.

This allows Jett players to get a bird's eye view of heaven, one of the most important attacking areas for site A. With this spot, the threads on both the heaven and the went side can be easily controlled.

VALORANT will soon add a new map to the map pool. Valorleaks said on June 7 that the codename for the new map is "Pitt." According to Valorleaks, the map will be located in Lisbon, Portugal.


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