VALORANT: VCT 2023 details: salaries, rules and more

As of September 26, the pre-season transfer window has been opened for VALORANT teams competing in the VCT 2023 international leagues. However, from now until February 1, 2023, teams will be able to add players to their VALORANT roster, but will need to report them to Riot Games by October 15.

The contracts that the player will sign will be referred to as “esports service contracts” according to Riot's official VCT roster building rules. Before these contracts are signed and made public, let's take a comprehensive look at the different rules and policies surrounding contracts, including minimum wages.

VALORANT salaries for VCT 2023

Each international league has its own minimum annual salary for a team member, and each contract must last at least one full season.

America: $50.000 per year
EMEA: 50.000 € per year
Pacific: ₩67.000.000 KRW per year

If a larger amount is required under applicable law in a particular country, this is the minimum required. Teams are free to exceed the minimum, but potential bonuses are not included in the minimum. There is no maximum salary or team salary cap listed.

In addition to the minimum salary, each contract should clearly state the amount of various types of benefits or compensation, including signing bonuses, individual and team performance bonuses, streaming pay/splits, promotion/sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

VALORANT contract rules and requirements for VCT 2023

Here is a list of notable rules and requirements for all team staff contracts that will be included in VCT 2023.

  • Contracts are prohibited from containing non-compete clauses or “first refusal” clauses that prevent teams from forbidding or preventing their players from joining other teams upon expiration of the original contract.
  • Contracts are limited to four seasons, but can be configured to have a basic starting period plus an option to allow both parties to mutually agree on an additional season or seasons.
  • Contracts must contain provisions that prohibit team members from fixing, colluding or gambling in relation to VCT matches.
  • Contracts must include an option for either party to terminate the contract if the other party “materially breaches” the contract.

How will transfers take place in VCT?

There is no transaction limit or maximum amount. Teams can trade team members with other teams participating in the VCT. Trades do not have to be two-on-one or two-for-two and do not have to be limited to just two participating teams. Teams can also trade players for cash or cash.

Contracts may contain commercial limitations or conditions, such as a commercial veto, but these must be clearly stated in the contract.


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