The update leaked on the VALORANT website confirms that the new agent will be delayed by 2 weeks!

If you've been waiting for the next agent to join VALORANT's growing roster of playable characters, you may be disappointed to know that you'll have to wait a little longer.

In an update page on the Arabic version of Riot's website that was removed yesterday, character producer John Goscicki confirmed that the release of the next agent has been delayed to Patch 3.10, scheduled for two weeks after the start of Episode Three, Act Three.

A loose translation of the post says, ÔÇť[agent] has not yet achieved the level of quality you expect from us,ÔÇŁ according to Goscicki.

For the past few months, Riot has been leaking easter eggs regarding the addition of a new agent to the game. Several clues, including a possible cameo in the Year One video, hidden voice in Range, and clues in the September issue of the State of the Agents blog post, pointed to a character named Deadeye.

Riot even posted a new teaser on social media today showing Deadeye's sleek, golden rifle-like weapon. There are also multiple cards floating next to the weapons that could be the calling card of the new agent.

VALORANT fans will be looking forward to hearing more about the agent and his abilities soon.

Riot has yet to officially release the blog post in English. However, the update is still available on the Chinese version of the VALORANT site.

Update Oct 28 at 10:17 pm CT: Riot has released the official post explaining the delay. The developers will announce the new agent at 29:10 CT on Friday, October 00.


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