All the skills of VALORANT new agent Harbor!

Riot Games has officially introduced the newest VALORANT agent (Harbor) with mind-blowing waterbending abilities.

Riot is gearing up to add Harbor, a control agent from India with the ability to manipulate water. Harbor uses an ancient technology he found while on the job and made him a target. The new agent will be with us in the next episode update.

Here are all the VALORANT abilities for the new agent.


E – FLOOD – Harbor's unique signature ability allows him to create a wall of water using his legacy technology. Then you can create the wave along the ground, but the direction of the wave can be steered and moved by holding the left mouse button. If you press C again before the wall is fully formed, the wall will form as far as it will go. The ability has a 40 second cooldown, and players trying to pass through the wall are slowed down.

C- CAGLAYAN - His Waterfall ability will allow him to create a small wall of water that slows enemies when hit, similar to Flood. However, the Cascade can pass through walls and can be stopped during use.

Q – DALGAKIRAN – The agent's second ability, Breakwater, will give Harbor the ability to protect allies. Since the Smoke-like ability will block projectiles from enemies, the agent will use his water to protect his teammates. The Breakwater ability activates when it hits the ground. The ability can be cast both suddenly and regularly. With this ability, Valorant feels like it's heard the voices of the players. We now have an anti-agent for team compositions created for the post-plant.

X – BOILING POINT – The agent's ultimate ability will allow the agent to equip the full power of the ancient item. The Boiling Point allows Harbor to create a large pool of geysers, and enemies caught in these waves, which come with small circles of water, are stunned by successive jolts.

If you want to see the agent's capabilities in detail, click the link below. video You can watch.

Following his official reveal this week, new agent Harbor is expected to be playable on Tuesday, October 18, with the release of VALORANT Episode Five, Part Three.

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