To celebrate the release of Pearl, the newest addition to the VALORANT map pool, Riot Games has added a free battle pass to the game as part of the Cosmic Crossover Event in Valorant Chapter 5: Act One.

All players can get the event ticket for free. The event will air alongside Episode 5 Act 1 and will run until 12 July. The event ticket has seven levels of rewards that players can earn: three player cards, two titles, and two levels Radianite to upgrade other cosmetic items (10 points each).

The top prize for the Act One Cosmic Crossover Event ticket is definitely the comic book-themed player cards. We have prepared a list of prizes you can win in the new event for you.


Player Cards

In the animation titled "Fragmented" released for Episode Five, our agents find themselves in a comic book store in an alternate world. In keeping with this theme, Riot brought together DC's legendary artists for comic book-themed player cards.


Players can earn two different titles, each referring to the dichotomy between Alpha Earth and Omega Earth.

For those who play the game in English:

  • Dimensional
  • Double Agent

For those who play the game in English:

  • interdimensional
  • Double agent


Players can earn a total of 10 Radianite points by reaching two levels, each awarding 20 radianites.

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