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VALORANT stuck on loading screen fix

Logging into VALORANT and queuing up for a match is a daily occurrence for game addicts. In general, this process is as smooth as possible and players encounter almost no errors. While Riot Games does a good job of keeping the Valorant servers afloat, there are times when players encounter bugs that prevent them from logging into VALORANT.

Most errors have special codes, which makes them easy to fix, but some errors do not produce an error code. These are the most challenging for players because they are not easily understood by the players. Being stuck at a loading screen in VALORANT is a perfect example as you will naturally find the game taking longer than expected to load.

If it took you longer than five minutes to load a match or the game itself, you may be stuck at the loading screen.

While restarting the game will always be a quick fix, there are a few changes you can make to VALORANT to ensure you're never stuck at the loading screen.

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Reduce VALORANT's CPU usage


In VALORANT, players often get stuck at a loading screen when the game's CPU usage peaks. If you are running VALORANT at high FPS even in the main lobby, the game may have pushed your system to its limits.

Limiting your in-game FPS is the easiest way to reduce VALORANT's CPU usage. Limit your FPS to 30 while in the main lobby and you can turn it back on after loading a match.



When you get stuck at a loading screen in VALORANT, you will have no choice but to restart your game. A simple reboot will get you out of this stalemate and get you into the match.

Update VALORANT, your drivers and Windows


VALORANT may also get stuck at the loading screen due to software anomalies. To ensure that your old operating system and drivers are not causing such an error, you should update them to their latest versions.

In cases where a minor bug is causing players to get stuck on the loading screen, Riot may release a fix. Check for pending updates and install any available updates before trying to log in to VALORANT again.


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    Angel May 6 2023

    se me queda cargando la partida y entro tarde cuando ya han pasado rondas

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    Arthur July 5, 2023

    The same happens to me

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    xlenisx July 11, 2023

    no me carga la pantalla de carga inicial de valorant

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    El problema son las sanciones que pone Valorant por ausencia…

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    Me pasa lo mismo y ahora estoy baneado 3 meses

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      ¿Has solicitado apoyo?

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