Second RGX 11z Pro Skin Set Coming to VALORANT

They may be a little pricey, but VALORANT's new products are the perfect addition to anyone looking to buy another costume set for their growing collection.

On Wednesday, April 27, Riot Games is adding five new skins to its popular RGX 11z Pro skin lineup, including Classic, Phantom, Specter, and Operator skins. There will also be a butterfly knife that comes with the full package.

Last October, Riot released the first RGX Pro skins, featuring skins for Vandal, Frenzy, Guardian, and Stinger, along with an expandable katana-style melee weapon. They also came in basically green with a choice of blue, red, and yellow.

Once again, the skins mimic the look and RGB lighting of high-end gaming PCs that many today's gamers have on their setups.

“We wanted the outline to be extremely responsive, tactile and mechanical,” said Kerwin Atienza, VALORANT art leader. “To achieve this, it has been an obvious direction to go for ergonomic yet functional shapes with a great focus on modernized structural details, layering and pushing complexity while maintaining the style VALORANT is known for.”

At a certain level, there will be special visual and audio effects for firing, equipping, reloading and examining each weapon. For example, the interior colors of each pistol will change each time it is inspected and receive yellow, white, green, or teal illumination. The butterfly knife will also cycle through the entire color spectrum when checked, before choosing a random color.

As a legendary series of layered skins, the RGX 11z Pro bundle will cost 8.700 VP. This package will include:

 ⦁ RGX 11z Pro Butterfly Knife

⦁ RGX 11z Pro Phantom

⦁ RGX 11z Pro Classic

⦁ RGX 11z Pro Operator

⦁ RGX 11z Pro Specter

⦁ RGX 11z Pro Card

⦁ RGX 11z Pro Spray

⦁ RGX 11z Weapon Charm

Weapons will also have kill counters that show how many kills a player has gotten with that weapon in a given turn. Unlike most stat tracking weapons in other first-person shooters, the counter will reset after each round.

RGX Pro skins have been one of the popular items in the game and are sure to be on many players' wishlists when they are released later this week.

The new RGX 11z Pro Skin Set is expected to be added to the in-game store on April 27.


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