Valorant's new Christmas set has been announced!

VALORANT players can see a new “Christmas collection” bundle in time for the holiday season and get a chance to purchase new Christmas items.

Floxayyy has revealed today its new Christmas pack, which includes costumes for Classic, Phantom, Ares, Judge and a new Snowfall wand. It also includes a special snowglobe blade. It features an animated design that shows a Christmas village full of costumes, snow and gifts.

The new skins have not been officially announced, although they were added to the game in patch 3.12.

The VALORANT Champions pack will remain in store for the next six days, so the Christmas pack will likely be added at the end of the tournament. The price of the pack has not been announced, but players will likely have the option to purchase skins and items.

The Christmas costumes are reminiscent of last year's Winter Wonder costume pack, although the animations are slightly different. Players who missed last year's pack or want another look for the holidays can round out their collections with these new items.

Some fans are dissatisfied with the new pack, especially since it has controversial animations that cover the entire weapon. While some may not find these animations distracting or appealing, others will appreciate the holiday-themed elements.


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