Valve's latest Steam Next Fest for upcoming games will kick off on Oct.

The week-long event provides access to playable demos of hundreds of upcoming games.

Valve announced on Friday that the latest Steam Next Fest will arrive in the first week of October, providing access to playable demos of hundreds of upcoming PC games.

a video teaser, from Octato Games airhead, Unexplored 2: from ludomotion The Wayfarer's Legacy , from Thinking Stars ANNO: Mutationem , from Game Source Studio mahokenshi , Starship TroopersÔÇö from Terran Command including in demo shorter than the few games you can expect to see cuts showed . Artistocrats from Airo Games Life of Delta and more.

According to the promotional video, players can ÔÇťdiscover the latest information from experienced developers and first-time players alike.ÔÇŁ

Valve holds these online events for PC games every few months to try to fill the void of in-person gaming and developer events that have been canceled or postponed by the coronavirus pandemic. Originally called the Steam Game Festival, Valve changed its name to Steam Next Fest with the June 2021 event. For developers, in addition to providing player access to game demos, it's a chance to get direct feedback from fans on their upcoming games as the event also includes live streams with developers.

Steam Next Fest opens on October 1 at 13:00 ET and runs until October 7.


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