VCT Champions will take place in Istanbul!

Riot Games announced that Denmark and Turkey will host future VALORANT events.

VCT Masters 2 will be held in Copenhagen, Denmark. The event will begin on July 10 and end on July 24 with 12 teams competing for first place in the international tournament. VCT Champions will take place in Istanbul, Turkey's largest city.

In VCT Masters 2, the EMEA region will compete with three teams and the North America region will compete with two teams. The Champions tournament will consist of 16 teams. 10 of these teams will be determined by the regular season played in the regions, and the remaining six teams will be determined by the winners of the last chance qualifiers that will take place in each region, respectively.

“We are excited to bring our next international event to a new city and will announce additional details about the event in the coming weeks,” Riot said in a statement today.

Riot did not say on the air whether the tournaments will take place in front of a live audience. However VALORANT Regional League TR twitter He said the event will be open to live audiences.

“Our goal is to see our biggest international competitions played in front of a live audience, and these two cities provide clear paths to that goal while also providing the best possible guarantee of an environment where all participating teams can safely participate and compete.” said


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