VCT Game Changers is rolling out to Japan!

VCT Game Changers has expanded to several different regions over the past year and will expand to Japan this year.

This is great news for women who missed out on VALORANT events in the region, and it was announced in one of the VCT Challengers broadcasts in Japan last night. The regional circuit is expected to begin in the summer and finish at the same time as other regions in the fall.

At this time, it is unclear whether Japanese Game Changers will follow the same format as other regions, most of which have three tournaments per year. This year's Game Changers will also culminate in an international Game Changers Championship, which is scheduled to start in November but has no set date yet.

In terms of the number of teams signing up, fans can't wait to see how many women's teams signed up for the competition. In North America, there are 128 open spots for each tournament, with the top 12 teams heading to the main event.

The Tournaments series has just been announced, so fans will have to wait for more information on concrete dates and what the format of the Japanese VCT Game Changer will be.


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