Wreckfest is coming to Mobile!

HandyGames has announced that Wreckfest, the racing game with a highly detailed damage model, is coming to mobile. Those who want to play Wreckfest Google Play Store ve Samsung Galaxy StoreYou can pre-register. The game will be released for iOS later. Wreckfest; It will include muscle cars from the 80s, lots of customization, multiple modes, controller support and more.

Some modes in Wreckfest will have players competing in high-speed races while destroying everything around them, including oncoming traffic. But they will also have the opportunity to drive in derby arenas and destroy other vehicles there. The game will add multiplayer to some of these modes.

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Besides destroying things, players will have the opportunity to fully customize cars from America, Europe and Asia. There will also be the option to boost your vehicle to protect you from taking damage, but in return it will slow your vehicle down. Players will be able to equip their cars with robust tanks, rockets, iron and more to give them an edge.

There will also be challenge modes featuring crop harvesters, lawnmowers, school buses, tricycles and more. Finally, a career mode will allow players to earn XP, unlock new upgrades and earn the Wreckfest champion title.

Wreckfest was originally released for PC and consoles in 2018 and has a score of 81 on Metacritic.

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