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Family Plan Feature Coming to Xbox Game Pass

Windows CentralAccording to 's claim, Microsoft is preparing to offer a Family Plan system for Game Pass. In other words, the feature that we see in applications such as Spotify, Netflix, Nintendo Switch Online, Steam and that allows other people from the household to use the same account can also be used in Game Pass.

“According to the information we received from reliable sources who know Microsoft closely, we can confirm that Xbox is working on the Xbox Game Pass Family Plan, the system is expected to be released this year,” the article states.

Although the name Xbox Game Pass is mentioned in the news, this system will most likely be valid for both PC and Xbox.

Another piece of information is that up to five players will be supported at the highest level of the Family Plan. No information about pricing has been shared.

on PlayStation a few days ago of PlayStation Plus shared information about its new form and announced that there will now be three different levels in the system (Essential, Extra and Premium)

Being able to use Game Pass on a Family Plan is something most players have been waiting for, so people in the same family don't have to pay for separate accounts.

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