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All UI changes coming with VALORANT Patch 5.08

The upcoming patch for the final part of chapter five gives the VALORANT user interface a completely new look. Riot Games aims to make players feel as seamless as possible with the changes that will come from the victory screen to the main screen.

All the UI changes coming with patch 5.08 are here.

Main monitor

The first change players will encounter when starting the game will be a new home screen. As before, the friend list will be displayed on the right, but will now be accompanied by battle pass and quest progress. On the left are new menu buttons for players to navigate. There's a big red "Play" button followed by career, battle pass, collectibles, agents, and store. These were previously located at the top of the screen, but are now visible on the left. Players will now be able to clearly see which section and section they are in by viewing the banner in the upper left corner of the screen opposite the settings tab.

Lobby and pre-match loading screen


Valorant interface updates are not just about the home screen. There are also new skins for the lobby and pre-match loading screens.

The background has become darker and a new start button has been added in the middle of the screen. In the lower right, there is a place where players can change their settings and check messages. To invite others, players will need to press the “+” sign in the upper right corner. The loading screen took a similar action, making the text more visible and away from the hard lines.


end game screens


One of the most anticipated changes coming with the new patch will be the improved victory and defeat screens. These will include images of agents followed by the battle score, along with boxes for the player's username and KDAs. The team's MVP will be listed in the middle along with other players around him. You will be able to see the end game score in the upper right and left corners of the screen. Like the backgrounds on the screen, the number of winning rounds will be displayed in green and the number of losing rounds in red.

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