Creative Director Announces Marvel's Wolverine Will Have a Mature Tone

Brian Horton, Marvel's Wolverine creative director, promises the new game will have a "mature tone," but what that means is still unclear.

Marvel's Wolverine'the creative director behind the game ÔÇťa mature toneÔÇŁ says it will have, but that doesn't justify an M rating. During last Thursday's blockbuster PlayStation Showcase, Insomniac revealed that Marvel is working on a PS5-exclusive triple-A action title based on the wild Canadian mutant, featuring a brief teaser of Logan naturally finding trouble in a bar room.

Since then, fans have heard what kind of tone this new game should have and Marvel's WolverineA debate ensued as to whether . Loganhas traditionally been one of the darker and more violent members of Marvel's pantheon of heroes; he has had his battle-filled background, razor-sharp Adamantium claws, and a mutant healing factor that has allowed him to recover from some truly stunning injuries. Most The Marvel movies based video game, 2009's X-Men Origins: Wolverine He usually stays away from these bloody aspects of Wolverine, though his bond is the exception to this rule.

The jury has yet to Marvel's WolverineWhile he was undecided about whether the movie will have an M Rating, Brian Horton of Insomniac Games revealed that the game's story will at least have a mature tone. After announcing the role of Marvel's Wolverine's Creative Director on Twitter a few days ago, a user at the hands of Amori1770 asked if the game would be full-size or a smaller version like last year's Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Horton said Marvel's Wolverine will be a full-size game and have a "mature tone".

Brian Horton's promises that Marvel's Wolverine will have a "mature tone", both Insomniac's Spider-Man games Teen RatingJust because it explores some serious themes within the confines of 's doesn't mean the game will be rated M. However, Thursday's Marvel's Wolverine teaser featured plenty of corpses and some blood in Logan's fist, and Marvel's WolverineHe hinted that ' would really be a darker experience than Insomniac's past comic book adventures.

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