Trailer of Valorant new agent Harbor leaked early

The trailer for the new VALORANT agent “Harbor” was leaked early.

Trailer before releasing it on Riot Games' own YouTube channels Twitter, and the video went viral like a forest fire. The original date for the trailer's release date was October 13, but thanks to this leak, the company had to release the trailer early.

Harbor seems to be able to create bullet-deflecting walls or spheres, as rumored on Reddit. The new agent appears to have an orb skill set that has yet to be fully explored.

The three-and-a-half-minute trailer chronicles Harbor (the Game's 21st agent) and his journey through the streets of Delhi before the motorcycle agent steals an ancient item and meets Brimstone.

This ancient item the agent stole gives him abilities he will use in VALORANT.

Riot Games said in a statement, “Welcome to the team, Harbor. Hailing from the shores of India, Control Specialist Harbor dominates the waves, protecting his friends and defeating his enemies.” said. The new trailer shows us a lot, but still requires a little more detail for players to understand the agent's abilities.


Players are now eagerly awaiting news about the 5v5 tournament mode that the Riot developers talked about a year ago, with rumors speculating that it could come with the release of the new agent or the end of Episode 3.

The VALORANT world continues to add new elements and fans can't wait to see how this will affect the meta. Especially when Riot brings them to life.

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