The new NA VCT LCQ bracket will feature a single elimination format for the first 2 rounds

A Riot Games representative told that the bracket for the VCT North America Final Chance Qual has been changed to a single elimination format for both the play-in round and the first round of the upper bracket.

According to, once the teams reach the top group semi-finals, it will revert to double elimination status for the survivors. However, if the match schedule continues as planned, six of the 10 competing teams will be sent home on the first day of an offline LAN event.

For most of the participating teams, this event will represent their final competitive outing in this first VALORANT Champions Tour circuit, and many players are not happy with this reported change. Hiko from the 100 Thieves camp said on Twitter that he's not a fan of the bracket, while nitr0 went a step further and said, "No LAN should be single-elimination no matter what." Other players such as Cloud9's vanity and leaf also tweeted their dissatisfaction.

Australian players representing the two Oceanic teams, ORDER and Chiefs, are particularly upset. ORDER coach Oliver “DickStacy” Tierney said teams would have to fly for 3 hours and quarantine for 16 days to potentially compete in a single series with bo21 on the LAN.

The event is scheduled to be played on the LAN from October 12.


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