New PUBG map Deston officially announced

PUBG's newest map has been announced and will be added to the game soon. Deston, the new map of the popular battle royale game, will be released on July 13. The map will likely launch on PC first, but that's not clear yet.

A teaser was previously released for the new map by developer Krafton, but now a "development announcement” was officially announced during the event. Creative director Dave Curd talked about the new map and shared with the players what will happen on the map.

“Deston will be the biggest, longest and most intense map PUBG has ever seen. During a match in Deston, players will experience dense urban environments, from tall buildings to rolling hills, plains and newly designed swamps.” said

Deston will be the first map to feature a swamp environment among PUBG's maps, including a mangrove forest. Other places include the central plains, the concert zone (there's a huge chicken balloon in the air), and the western highlands.

New to the Deston map include an Ascender powered reel and an always-on emergency parachute. The map also has gas stations for players to refuel, but Krafton warns players that the stations may explode if hit.

A new rig, the Blue Chip detector, will come to PUBG with the release of Deston. The new gear will help players locate other players within a certain radius. Two more weapons will be added to PUBG, including the Origin 12 slug shotgun and the MP9 submachine gun.

Krafton will announce more features for Deston ahead of release, so for more The Gamer StationKeep visiting


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