New Pubg New State Mobile update announced!

Krafton Inc. has announced a new update for PUBG: New State Mobile. Update, Exhibit Hall map, MP-155 Ultima shotgun, weapon customization options, Vol. It will include new features such as 9 Survivor Pass and overhaul of Troi Extreme mode.

Exhibit Hall is a 4v4 map and the first team to reach 40 kills wins the match. When a player dies on the map, they don't respawn at a fixed point, but instead spawn in one of 10 locations spread across the map.

Players can effectively use the MP-155 Ultima shotgun on the new melee map. Not only is it an ideal weapon to use, but you'll be able to customize it with scopes, barrels and stock mounts for increased damage and control. With the new customization, players can add a fully automatic trigger to the shotgun to increase the rate of fire, but doing so will increase recoil. You'll also be able to put an enhanced suppressor in the SKS's C2 customization slot, which will increase damage and reduce sound, but will also increase the weapon's recoil and loss of muzzle attachment. Finally, players can attach a grenade launcher to the AKM grip slot.

The update also introduces a new Survivor Pass themed by Honey Becca from the New State faction. There will also be a Troi holiday episode where players will have the opportunity to receive all of Honey's costumes and facial skins for free once they complete the missions. Players who purchase the Premium Pass can also receive the 'Choco Vanilla' costume set and additional rewards.

Due to community feedback, Troi Extreme has been modified and the tempo of the bluezone will be accelerated, which will shorten match times and replace existing airdrops with multiple drops. The items provided to players after entering Troi Extreme have also been changed. The date of the new update is not yet known.

Pubg New State Mobile is a free-to-play mobile game. You can download it from Apple App Store and Google Play.

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