The new Run It Back VALORANT pack contains handpicked costumes from previous collections

VALORANT players can start 2022 with a new pack that includes five skins from previous skin lines in a single pack.

The new Run It Back bundle includes Origin Operator, Forsaken Vandal, Prime 2.0 Odin, Tethered Realms Ghost, and Recon Specter. Each costume was originally available in similarly themed weapon-related skin packs. But now players can taste every theme.

Usually, players have to wait for the costumes to reappear in their daily shop if they don't purchase them while the bundle is available. But the new Run It Back pack is the perfect opportunity to get a skin you might have missed the first time around.

The Run It Back bundle costs 5,945 VP, but fans can purchase each costume separately. But if the entire bundle is purchased, it has a 33 percent discount on each costume, making it a little more affordable.

The new bundle is now available on the VALORANT in-game store and will be available for less than two weeks. Make sure you take advantage of this unique package while you can.


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