New Sony Inzone gaming headsets and monitors introduced!

Sony recently announced that it has taken a special step to expand its PlayStation projects to PC. Sony's newly announced series of game products shows that the importance given to PC games will not be limited to games. Meet Sony Inzone, a new product brand debuting with gaming headsets and gaming monitors for both PC and PS5!

Focusing largely on PC gamers, the Inzone brand was developed with PS5 users in mind, as some console games benefit from audio and visual features as much as PC games. Inzone is the first gaming-focused product line made by Sony Electronics.

Sony Inzone Gaming Headphones

Sony's Inzone gaming headsets will come in three models: the H3 ($99), H7 ($229) and H9 ($299). The earphones feature a white-and-black design that allows them to pair with the PS5.

The Inzone H9 competes with other high-end wireless earbuds in terms of performance and comfort. It has 2,4 GHz wireless and Bluetooth connections as well as noise canceling technology. The H9 headphones feature soft leather borrowed from the audio giant's flagship WH-1000X headphones.

Meanwhile, the wireless H7 and wired H3 headphones do not support digital noise canceling, and the headphones use a fabric material instead of soft leather. The H3 is slightly smaller than other models and has a different design where the headband and earphones meet.

For PS5 users, Inzone headsets support the console's Tempest 3D feature. But PC users get a much more customizable listening experience. Sony's 360 Spatial Sound mobile app helps you measure your ears to create a unique sound profile for you. The spatial audio profile can then be used with Inzone's "ghost speakers". It can also help with competitive gaming, which is the focus of any high-end gaming headset these days, by pinpointing sounds you can't distinguish.

All three models of the Inzone gaming headset feature an adjustable boom microphone. This is always a great feature to use gaming headsets as traditional headsets for music or single player games. On the plus side, the wireless Inzone headphones support simultaneous connections with your console/PC and smartphone, so you can answer calls without switching connections.

Overall, the Inzone headphone lineup looks impressive. The H9 is definitely a premium headphone that offers excellent performance. However, if you're just looking for a PS5 headset, you can get similar performance and features with cheaper wireless PlayStation headsets, including the Pulse 9D, which is a third of the price of the H3.

Sony Inzone Gaming Monitors

Sony's jump into the gaming monitor business starts with two models: the 27-inch 4K monitor model M9 and a 27-inch 1080p monitor M3. While they have similar designs with a sleek PlayStation-like look thanks to the tripod stand, thin bezels and white back panel, they do have some key differences.

The M9's 4K display features full array local dimming that optimizes lighting and increases contrast. The goal here is to create a brighter, more vibrant picture that allows you to clearly distinguish between objects and other players in the dark corners of the map. The M9 also has HDR 600, while the M3 is limited to HDR 400. This makes sense considering HDR 600 provides better brightness and contrast.

Both monitors support HDMI 2.1 and offer variable refresh rates. This makes them ideal for PS5 and even Xbox Series X. Like certain Sony TVs, Inzone monitors recognize your PS5. Thus, it automatically offers optimized HDR settings and viewing modes for gaming and Blu-ray streaming/watching.

As a 4K monitor, the M9 maxes out at a 144Hz refresh rate, but the M3 can go all the way up to 240Hz. Both monitors have a 1ms response time and are G-Sync compatible.

But like the Inzone headsets, the monitors are aimed more at PC gamers than console users. The PC-exclusive Inzone hub app gives you full control over your picture and sound, and lets you create visual/sound profiles for specific games. The monitors also feature features focused on first-person shooter games, including a designed picture mode, a black equalizer, frame rate (FPS) counter, various on-screen crosshair options, and a match time tracker.

Gaming monitors vary greatly in both performance and price, and you don't always have to spend a lot of money to get a good monitor that works for you. But if you're a competitive gamer, Inzone monitors (especially the 4K model) can be a good choice. It is worth reminding again, Inzone monitors are more suitable for PC gamers. If you're a PS5 or Xbox Series X user, you can get a nice 4K TV for the same price, including Sony's options.


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