A Teaser has been released about the new Turkish VALORANT Agent! Cypher is in trouble!

Agents of VALORANT help drive not only the gameplay, but the story as well. With Episode 4 Act II not releasing an Agent, fans are eagerly awaiting the next Agent (especially since this Agent is Turk). It looks like it won't be long for them to wait with the release of another Agent Teaser. Here are the latest developments about the New Turkish Agent.

While the New Agent itself isn't disclosed here, there is one character that is clearly visible. The teaser features Cypher and after the last teaser it looks like he's the target.

The capture of Cypher is also notable. Cypher can see everything and gain intelligence. But in this Teaser, all the cameras seem to be focused on him. Could this mean that the new VALORANT Agent is actually the one watching everyone?

Either way, VALORANT fans will be looking forward to seeing the new Turkish Agent in about four months. After a small hiatus to focus on fixing other aspects of the game, the Development team indicates that this new Agent is coming soon.

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