The abilities of the new Turkish VALORANT Agent have been leaked.

New Turkish Agent's abilities in VALORANT before release Valorleaks leaked by.

The new Agent, whose code name is 'Bounty Hunter', has been determined as an Iniator and he comes from our country, Turkey. “This Agent will give you a more…intimate feel when hunting enemies,” Riot Games said yesterday about the new Agent in their State of the Agents blog post.

Here are the new Agent's Skills:

C- Prowler (300 credits):

Sends a creature that can follow or control tracks by moving the mouse and when it reaches the target, it blinds the enemy for 3 seconds.

Q- Seize (200 credits):

Fires an orb that will stay in the air for a maximum of 1,5 seconds, and then the orb hits the ground. When the orb hits the ground, it engulfs enemies, dealing damage and leaving them deaf. (We're guessing it's deafness like Omen's paranoia ability)


Our agent fires an orb into the air, and then the orb hits the ground. The orb rises again into the air, transforming into an eye for 12 seconds, revealing the enemy's location.


It sends a cloud of dark mist at enemies. If the cloud of fog hits the enemy, it deafens them, exposing and rotting them.

The New Agent's release date is not yet known, although the kit has been leaked.

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