Official Gameplay video of the new VALORANT Agent Fade has been released!

Riot Games has finally released official gameplay footage for VALORANT's new premier, Fade, giving players a taste of the new Turkish Agent's devastating abilities.

Viewers got a glimpse of Fade earlier today before the 2022 VCT Masters Reykjavik Grand Final between OpTic Gaming and LOUD, and watched the cinematic trailer of the mission where several agents caught Fade in Istanbul. The mission was previously announced in a voicemail at the Shooting Range, and fans witnessed the horror several agents had as they tried to capture Fade. New in-game footage released after OpTic secured the Grand Finale for North America shows how Fade's abilities work in-game.

Fade can use her Haunt(E) ability to throw orbs that revive and mark all enemies in a certain area. Players are marked on the screen and can be briefly followed by a streak of black smoke. This is a great ability to clear corners and areas, but the ability can be hit and destroyed.

Fade's Seize(Q) ability, after a short time, throws a downed orb, imprisoning opposing players in a specific area for easy killing. He can also deploy a Prowler(C) that moves in a straight line and locks onto enemies or paths.

The new Nightfall Ultimate(X) ability allows Fade to send "nightmare energy" that can pass through walls. Enemies in the area become deaf and rot, marked by a scar similar to the one created by Haunt.

Fade will be introduced in Chapter Three – Part Four, so get ready to see a scary new agent lurking around!

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