The new VALORANT Iron Man skin pack will be in the shop tomorrow!

VALORANT players can look forward to the arrival of the new Ironthorn skin pack tomorrow, adding shiny new skins with neon accents to all four weapons.

The Ironthorn pack includes new skins for Frenzy, Vandal, Bucky, and Ares. It also includes an exciting new blade costume that gives players the perfect bun to beat their opponents in. The costumes feature metal designs with sharp edges and yellow neon accents. According to a leak earlier today, another unique weapon is being added for players to enjoy, and the mace spins as you pick it up.

The new Ironthorn skin pack isn't the only exciting news on VALORANT today. Fans can also enjoy the Night Market again on May 19, giving them a chance to purchase a few costumes at a discounted price. The new Ironthorn skins will likely not appear in your market, so consider picking them up while they're in the shop. The Night Market sometimes features blade costumes, which is worth checking out to see what goodies you can catch at a discounted price.

Riot Games hasn't officially announced the price of the Ironthorn bundle, but players will find out tomorrow when it's added to the in-game store. Buying the pack is always the cheapest option to get all the looks, so consider this if you want more than one look from the set. Packages sometimes also contain special items such as weapon charms or sprays, which are worth spending the extra money on.


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