The new VALORANT competitive rank Ascendant has been announced!

According to Riot Games' announcement today, VALORANT is preparing to introduce a new competitive rank called Ascendant.

The new Rank will be placed above Diamond and below Immortal so that more players can be filtered between the lower and higher ends of the ranking system. Ascendant Rank will be added to competitive mode with the release of Chapter Five, Act One on June 22.

Regarding the implementation of the new rank, Riot said, ÔÇťAs the development team thought about the Rank distribution, it turned out that there are too many players in Bronze and Silver who don't belong there.ÔÇŁ

Riot explained that this could lead to overpopulation in higher ranks such as Platinum and Diamond. The developers hope to tweak this population distribution by placing Ascendant one above the Immortal rank. According to Riot, this will help maintain the prestige of higher ranks.

Esports Tales According to data provided by Silver, the Silver ranking is arguably one of the most populated in the game. Silver-level players take up 28,1 percent of the player base, while Radiant, the highest rank in the game, makes up 0,03 percent.

In May, Silver 1 had the highest player distribution at 10,2 percent. This figure is slowly falling to one to five percent in the top ranks. Ascendant will likely occupy around the same number as the lower ranked players slowly slide towards the higher ends of the ranked system.


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