ZETA DIVISION lost against KRU Esports at VCT Masters Berlin

KRU Esports took the win in a tight VALORANT match, starting an exciting day at VCT Masters Berlin today and ending on map three.

The first map was Ascent preferred by KRU Esports. The score after the first half was 11-1. But ZETA DIVISION has woken up and started collecting the rounds. Despite such fast laps, ZETA couldn't even score and gave the first map to KRU.

A standout gamer of the first map was Nicolas “Klaus” Ferrari, who wiped three ZETA members off the map in the eighth round.

The second map took the teams to Split, where the match really started to heat up. Ryu “Reita” Oshiro won several clutches and challenged his opponent before he was eliminated. Takemori “takej” Shogo and Ushida “Laz” Koji were the standout players of the map, achieving 22 and 20 kills respectively in the Split.

The final map of the game wasn't as close as many expected, but it was further back than the previous map. In the first half, the score was 7-4 in favor of KRU. KRU finished the map 13-7.

Tomorrow KRU will fight Envy, a North American team. “I want to represent the region well, so we look at Envy like any other team,” Angelo “Keznit” Mori said in an interview after the game. Envy won 2-0 against Vivo Keyd, which sent them into the winning round.


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