Among Us Fan Goes for a Run Dressed as Imposter

A cheery Among Us fan recently used his fitness tracker to chart a running route in the shape of the game's iconic copycat.

Fitness and teammates now go hand in hand, thanks to a fan Among Us who shared his impressive Imposter-shaped running route on Reddit. Despite its release in 2018, Among Us enjoyed huge success during COVID-2020 in 19 due to social disruption and multiplayer gameplay elements.

While the world is facing quarantines and various isolations due to the pandemic in 2020, Among Us It has become one of the hottest games on the market. That same year, the game was one of Steam's best-selling titles, seeing between 2021 and 10.000 players on Steam at any given time as of July 20.000. Among Us's simple foundation, cheap price tag, and interactive gameplay make it the ideal game for quarantined parties and a great way to socialize responsibly. As a result, the once rarely heard game has finally become an award-winning title, and Among Us developer InnerSloth has seen its team grow in size as various updates add new maps and teammate colors.

Prominent teammates (and Imposters) have inspired Among Us fans in the past to copy their iconic colors and shapes through cosplay or fan art, but others are manifesting Among Us spacemen in other ways – Redditor Cagey Mallardas demonstrated.

Jumping into the Among Us Reddit feed, CageyMallard uses the local city's grid system to flag an Imposter in their route tracker. “very quiet” He shared a picture of his runs. A few Among Us fans applauded his friend CageyMallard for the effort – and running speed – put into making the Imposter rendition.

Among UsIt's unclear what the future of 's future will bring, other than being used as running inspiration. When things started for InnerSloth in 2020, InnerSloth decided to forgo a sequel to focus on the aforementioned updates instead. However, there are those who think that more can be done to keep the game fresh in 2021.

The latest Among Us map – The Airship – has faced some criticism for its excessive size and difficult missions, and there have also been calls for adding more accessibility options to the game overall. InnerSloth has announced that it will address accessibility concerns in a future patch Among Us.

However, with their simple, iconic designs, the look of the crew and the Imposter is one area that's as popular as Among Us was at the height of its fame. Even those who haven't played the game can recognize their colorful heroes (and enemies). Even if Among Us doesn't return to such heights in the future, the stamina of crewmates and Impostors may continue to lead to recreations like this "hush" run route.

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