Assassin's Creed Jade leaked online

Explore almost three minutes of Assassin's Creed Jade Ancient China

Another day, another Ubisoft leak, and this time an Assassin's Creed adventure, now codenamed “Jade,” that has leaked onto the internet.

New shots part of the mobile game Appeared in Assassin's Creed ve Game Leaks and Rumors subreddits, and while these leaks typically contain blurry screenshots and a few seconds of shaky webcam footage, this leak contains almost three minutes of unedited gameplay recorded directly from the screen of an Apple iPhone or iPad.

Ubisoft in September Assassin's Creed announced Jade and confirmed that the series set in China has a full open world entry made for mobile devices, and it looks like this image was shot right here. 

The leak gives us a look at the unedited gameplay from an early build, including combat, cutscenes, and the new game's environments, as well as a taste of the game's UI. 

Given that the character is at Level 40, you can see the player character tiptoeing along the Great Wall of China, which appears quite late in the game. There's even some combat training to immerse you in.

The OP naturally says they just shared it and are not responsible for leaking it - rumor has it, it first appeared on Facebook - but I don't think the images will stay online much longer. So if you're interested, be quick!

Assassin's Creed Jade - or whatever it's called - is set around 215 BC and will allow you to create your own character where you can explore ancient China.

“You will have the chance to parkour to the top of the Great Wall of China, sneak through bustling cities, engage in intense combat, and discover the secrets and vastness of ancient China,” said executive producer Marc-Alexis Côté. on time.

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