Bayonetta 3 New Trailer Released

Bayonetta first released by Capcom in 2009. To Devil May Cry debuted as a sexy, sensual beat 'em to rival . In 2012, Platinum Games announced that its sequel, Bayonetta 2, would be released exclusively on Nintendo's Wii U.

During the Game Awards of 2017 to Bayonetta 3 we got our first look. The clip was little more than a 50-second teaser featuring an injured Bayonetta and a broken logo. In the years since the lack of updates has led to widespread speculation about the state of the game. Bayonetta 3's director Hideki Kamiya urged patience several times and expressed confidence that Platinum will have something to share before the end of 2021.

“Hopefully we can get an update later in the year,” Kamiya said in an interview with the Video Games Chronicle.

Also The Turkish Bayonetta 3 He said it's ultimately up to the publisher to reveal any news about the game, and that it might be better for fans to "forget" the game, so he'll be pleasantly surprised when the news finally comes out.

Bayonetta 3 , when it didn't appear at this year's E3 and rumors swirled that the game's development was problematic or delayed, Nintendo stepped in to reassure fans that development was progressing rapidly.

It seems that all this silence has finally paid off. Bayonetta 3 , launches in 2022.


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