BBL Esports has added Paura to its roster!

Despite the bad results in recent seasons, BBL does not give up and continues to strengthen its squad.

After a bad season and players involved in flea incidents being disconnected from the team, BBL Esports has completed its 2022 Valorant roster by recruiting SuperMassive Blaze's Melih ÔÇŁ Paura ÔÇŁ Karaduran.

SuperMassive Blaze, who started last season very well but later failed to deliver on the Global stage, put Paura, Russz and Turko in the free agent category. While many thought Paura would consider European options like russz, the surprise news came today with BBL's bombshell tweet.

Trying to leave behind an unlucky season, BBL added Do─čukan QutionerX Dural from Heads team on 1 December. Later, Fred parted ways. Now, the cast has been completed with Paura for the role of IGL. Let's see if BBL can return to the old days.

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