Capcom officially announced Street Fighter 6

Capcom finally introduced Street Fighter 6, giving fans what they wanted.

This announcement comes at the end of the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Season Finals, where many of the world's best Street Fighter players compete against each other in a series of exhibition matches and events that replace the canceled Capcom Cup.

Capcom didn't share much information about the game, but we did see a new version of Ryu and Luke with the game's stylish logo.

The developer will likely share more information about SF6 this summer, when most game news is announced mid-year.

Fans have long debated why it took so long for SF6 to be officially announced; This includes theories and rumors about a major shift happening internally at Capcom during initial development.

According to these theories, the fighting game department had a concussion that involved reworking the project.

Following the announcement, we also learned that long-time Capcom designer, Bayonetta 2 director and character designer Yusuke Hashimoto will be one of SF6's leading game designers.

SF6 will be one of several projects to help the Street Fighter franchise celebrate its 35th anniversary. Another title celebrating the milestone is the Capcom Fighting Collection, which was announced during the event to be released on June 24 and will combine a number of legacy titles from the franchise.


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