Farming Simulator 22 announced beekeeping with the trailer.

Keeping bees near other crops will increase your yield, you can also harvest honey for money.

Farming Simulator 22 is coming in exactly one month, and to prepare you avid farming enthusiasts, a new trailer has been released highlighting the sim's farm animals, local wildlife, and domesticated friends. The trailer shows a bunch of beautiful sheep, cows, pigs, chickens, horses, deer and dogs. And yes, bees.

If it feels good to keep your bees happy in Valheim, it will feel even better if you do some beekeeping in Farming Simulator 22. bees around will improve your farm in general. “By placing beehives near canola, potatoes and sunflowers, the yields of those crops will increase thanks to pollination,” says developer Giants Software in an announcement.

Alongside beekeeping, greenhouses are also coming to Farming Simulator 22, which will help keep your farms profitable during the winter months while you shovel snow (and your bees sleep) instead of fields. If you feed strawberries, lettuce and tomatoes with water, you can grow them in your greenhouses all winter long.

As for the other creatures shown in the trailer, you can't raise deer, but you can hop on your horse, ride into the wilderness around your farm, and at least take a look at them. Can you love the dog? That's the eternal question, but the trailer only shows a farmer standing next to a playful dog.

We'll find out when Farming Simulator 22 will properly release on November 22. And as a reminder, the sim will not only support singleplayer, but also support online co-op and even cross-platform multiplayer, so you'll be able to farm together. Friends on PC and other consoles.


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