PMCO Spring 2022 registration for aspiring professional players will begin on March 31!

Spring semester registrations for PUBG Mobile Club Open (PMCO) 2022 will be held from March 31 to April 13. Promising pro players from around the world can participate in this open to all competition with a $6 prize pool taking place in 600.000 different regions.

PMCO, once the top tier of competitive PUBG Mobile, has been demoted to an amateur and semi-professional tournament as the competitive landscape for the battle royale title has evolved. In 2022, Tencent announced the release of PUBG Mobile Esports 2.0 with significant changes to PMCOs.

Unlike last year, when PMCO's top teams could advance to the next PMPL, the top squads here will now participate in the PUBG Mobile National Championships (PMNC) or PMNC Regional Cups. These will take place towards the end of the year and will offer qualifications to different PMPLs in 2023.

Tencent said in a statement that 170 countries will be included in six different PMCOs as follows. Some Club Opens also have sub-regions:

  • PMCO North America
  • PMCO South America
    • PMCO Brazil
    • PMCO Latin America
  • PMCO Africa
  • PMCO Middle East
  • PMCO Asia
    • PMCO South Asia
    • PMCO Asia Wildcard
  • PMCO Europe
    • PMCO Western Europe
    • PMCO Turkey

Players from March 31 to April 13 PUBG Mobile on the esports website They can form teams that can register for the competition.


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