Invalidos wins Free Fire Pro Series North America

Invalidos made their name in the history books after winning the Free Fire Pro Series (FFPS), the first official Free Fire esports competition in North America.

The team dominated the tournament throughout the competition. They finished first in five of the 18 games and racked up 298 kills for a total of 165 points. La Bahia PFS in second place was more than a hundred points behind with 187 points.

The full standings for the FFPS grand finals are as follows:

-Invalidos: 298 points
-La Bahia PFS: 187 points

-Wasaka Esports: 181 points

-Fuego: 171 points

-IT Official: 167 points

-North Blood: 142 points

-La Her: 133 points

-Osaka: 124 points

-R15 Oficial: 106 points

-Club 9D: 105 points

-Team Money: 96 points

-SkullBreaker: 73 points

While Free Fire has immense popularity in regions like South Asia, Southeast Asia, and Brazil, the game doesn't have a huge player base elsewhere. The FFPS was Garena's first official tournament in North America, and may mark a higher commitment to the region in 2022.

The total prize pool of the tournament was $50.000. It featured open qualifiers leading to a three-week group stage last month. Finally, the top 12 teams competed in the grand finals for the champion title.


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