Featured Games by Mafia: Definitive Edition in November 2021

Sony has confirmed the list of games coming to PS Now in November 2021, with a roster for the likes of Mafia: Definitive Edition.

PS Now for the November 2021 series of games, released on consoles and PC a little over a year ago. Mafia: Definitive EditionIt contains the likes of . Similar to countless other games from the PlayStation 2 era, Mafia is a game before it finally comes into its own in later iterations. Grand Theft Auto He started life as a clone.

A well-received narrative Mafia's as one of the most memorable open world experiences of the day. And developer Illusion Softworks, later renamed 2K Czech, had even greater ambitions for 2010's sequel, Mafia II. The development team did not return to Mafia III in 2016, and production duties instead went to sister studio Hangar 13.

But parent company Take-Two Interactive's decision to add 2K Checks to Hangar 13 resulted in some of the original team members from the Mafia franchise playing a prominent role in the making of the positively reviewed Mafia: Definitive Edition. PS4 and PS5 users who haven't tried the remake yet need not wait any longer to discover the origins of a mob classic.

French gaming forum Dealabs has proven once again to be a reliable source when it comes to PlayStation-related leaks. As the website has previously noted, Mafia: Definitive Edition is the title track of PS Now's November 2 series set to launch on November 2021. The classic Mafia game is coming out of the streaming service on Monday, February 28. Dealabs was also right in announcing that Celeste will fill the service's latest offerings. A PlayStation Blog post, Final Fantasy IX ve Fully Reliable Delivery ServiceIt confirms that also counts as part of the latest additions.

In September, Square Enix promised to add a Final Fantasy game to PS Now once a month by January 2022. Popular 2018 platform game Celeste'sThe addition of .

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