Nexon is making a Warhammer: Age of Sigmar game.

It looks like a cooperative war game built on seasons of content.

Video game giant Nexon has announced that it has reached a licensing agreement with Games Workshop to develop and publish a "new Virtual World" based on Warhammer: Age of Sigmar. AoS is a highly successful reboot of Warhammer's original Warhammer fantasy universe; this had a somewhat shaky launch, but has gained fans since its second edition.

“As one of the world's largest game publishers, Nexon is the ideal long-term strategic partner to bring Warhammer Age of Sigmar to life in a unique and new way that will appeal to gamers worldwide,” said Jon Gillard, president of Games Workshop. licensing. “Nexon's world-class Live Operations and infrastructure provide exciting opportunities to engage existing and new Warhammer fans in this massive universe. We are really excited to see the fruits of this collaboration in the years to come.”

There are a few details about the game but no visual material or release date. “Building on the legacy of Age of Sigmar, the new Virtual World will feature a socially interactive player-environment world powered by Nexon's world-class Live Operations to keep the fun going with new content and service.” I'm surprised they didn't get the word metaverse there.

“This is an age of war,” the white paper says. “The Mortal Realms have been plundered. Destroyed by the followers of the Chaos Gods, they are on the verge of destruction. Players will command the war army of God-king Sigmar and his allies as they fight to restore hope and restore order, to the realms.”

This is not an MMO: It looks like a cooperative war game that will reveal its world over time. Below the genre, the press release puts 'PvE Multiplayer RPG Virtual World' and will be released on consoles and mobile as well as PC. “Each season, players will collect characters and enter new realms. Each character comes with unique options, stories and gameplay. Players will be able to customize their characters and work collaboratively to guide how to reclaim parts of the Realms.”


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