Papa John's, the upcoming Super Smash Bros. participated in the tournaments!

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According to an announcement tweet from Beyond the Summit, pizza restaurant chain Papa John's has 2022 major Super Smash Bros. will participate in the tournament. The list of sponsored events includes five previously unannounced tournaments.

Papa John himself has yet to make a statement about the partnership. Additionally, specific details regarding sponsorship remain unclear, including whether Papa John's will contribute money to tournaments' prize pools or just provide food to tournament participants.

The following main tournaments are Papa John's Super Smash Bros. will be part of the partnership:

-Genesis 8: April 15-17
-Low Tide City 2022: 29 April-1 May
-Smash Summit 13: May 12-15
-Community Effort Orlando 2022: June 24-26
-Shine 2022: August 26-28
-Riptide 2022: September 9-11
-Smash Ultimate Summit 5: September 15-18
-The Big House 10: 7-9 October
-Smash Summit 14: November 3-6
-Apex 2022: November 18-20
-Mainstage 2022: December 2-4

“Better Tournaments, Better Pizza, No Johns,” CEO 2022 promoter Alex Jebailey said in a quote tweet in response to the announcement. “But I'm really happy to see a collective teaming up with @BTSsmash and bringing @CEOGaming into the mix.”

Beyond the Summit shared Papa John's sponsorship announcement for the first time ever to launch their own Super Smash Bros. officially announced three of its tournaments: Smash Ultimate Summit 5, Smash Summit 14 and Mainstage 2022.

The chart shared by Beyond the Summit also revealed the dates for two other previously unannounced tournaments: Shine 2022 and Riptide 2022. More details about Shine 2022 will come during the Genesis 8 tournament next weekend, according to the Shine Twitter account.


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