Rainbow Six Siege Player Protection will verify players' phone number for ranked games

Rainbow Six Siege's ranked mode gets an extra level of security in season one of Year Seven. Players will need to link a phone number to their Ubisoft account to dive into the game mode.

Siege's ranked mode is a great way to prove yourself in a competitive environment. Players can progress through the rankings as they encounter players of similar skill and prove themselves to be the best of the best. However, cheats and smurfs can easily ruin the experience and spoil the fun of all lobbies.

Fortunately for cheats and smurfs, all players will need to have a phone number linked to their Ubisoft account to queue ranked matches as part of the new Player Protection security measure coming in season one. This requirement is intended to help prevent smurfs and cheaters from reverting to ranked queue after being banned, as bypassing the system is now much harder!

Players can link their phone number to the Account Information tab in Ubisoft Connect, which will be required at the start of season one of Year Seven. Make sure your phone number is linked at the start of the season to play ranked.

Season One will also include exciting updates such as the new Operator Max, Team Deathmatch, Attacker Repics, and the R6Fix incentive program. Console players can also enjoy Match Replay, and the new map Emerald Plains will arrive mid-season.

Rainbow Six Siege Year Seven season one Demon Veil begins February 21.


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