Silent Hill: Townfall Teaser Trailer Released

A new game was added to the Silent Hill series in the Silent Hill Transmission broadcast last night. It has been announced that the new Silent Hill: Townfall game is being developed in collaboration with Konami, Annapurna Interactive and BAFTA award-winning No Code studios. While a short teaser trailer was featured on the livestream, not much was revealed about the upcoming game. However, No Code creative director Jon McKellan said the game pays homage to the Silent Hill franchise (so it will stick to the game's origins) but will make things a little different in the new project.

Alongside the reveal of the Silent Hill: Townfall project, Konami shared a short teaser trailer for the game. The clip consists of a series of spooky images and videos displayed on a CRTV pocket television. In the background, a man coldly asks his contact why he is here. And then he answers, "You are here to be punished". This dialogue, which did not give much detail about the subject of the new game, immediately became the agenda among the players. The video ends with a man in glasses flashing before moving on to the outro part.

While the trailer was quite difficult to decipher, McKellan pointed out possible Easter Eggs hidden in the short video. “It might be worth watching that trailer again and seeing what you might have missed,” McKellan said after the trailer.

Interestingly enough, Silent Hill: Townfall seems to be just the beginning of Konami's major attempt to engage outside studios while developing Silent Hill games. Silent Hill producer Motoi Okamoto stated that the company plans to “expand partnerships with teams of equal talent” in the future.

In addition to Silent Hill: Townfall, two more Silent Hill games have been officially confirmed during the livestream: Silent Hill 2 Remake ve Silent Hill F.


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