Skate 4 Will Let Players Build Skate Parks Together

Skate 4 will reportedly feature a shared "free skate" mode where players can create skate parks next to each otehr. According to GamesBeat's Jeff Grubb, this mod supposedly represents the emphasis Skate 4 will place on user-generated content when it launches.

At the beginning of GrubbSnax's latest episode, a recent Skate 4 leaker discussed what he'd heard from testers who were able to try the game, and this new mode that caught the eye early for the upcoming game. According to Grubb, this ÔÇťfree skatingÔÇŁ mode allows players to hang out on the same server, change the environment around them, let everyone present be a skate architect and freely ramp into the game world at will, etc. will allow to add items. It is also reported that players can delete items if they want to change these items, and all of this should happen in real time. This shows that EA is really willing to show off with Skate 4.

To that end, player and skateboard customization seems to be a core tenet of the game that was locked in the very early stages of development. Grubb stressed that this customization could be very similar to what players see in Forza games, where the community has created many skins and artworks that you can apply to your vehicle. EA's emphasis on user-generated content for Skate 4 is reportedly an attempt to "modernize Skate," according to Grubb, and will be in line with EA's past comments about UGC finding its way back to this series.

Although the platforms where the game will be released other than PC are not confirmed, we can say that we will probably see Skate 4 on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S.


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