With TenZ's comeback, the Sentinels NA VCT Challengers defeated NRG in their opening match.

In their first official game since the Champions group stage qualifiers, the Sentinels got off to a rough start to beat NRG Esports in their first VALORANT series in 2022, winning the series 2-1.

The series started with the Sentinels' choice, Fracture. But NRG absorbed last year's North American juggernaut, playing an aggressive style that stunned a timid Sentinels team. TenZ didn't look like a superstar in the first half, with just five kills on Jett and zero to five on the first blood table. Woke up in the second half, making two triple kills in the first three rounds. However, it was outpaced by the tex and ANDROID duo who pushed NRG beyond the line with a 13-10 score.

Unfortunately for NRG, TenZ stayed hot as they entered Haven. Despite scoring a few more three kills each, NRG maintained a 7-5 lead as they entered the break after the attack. Faced with an embarrassing 2022-2 loss starting the 0 season, the Sentinels played an impressive second-half offense and no one at NRG had much of a positive impact on Jett other than a s0m. The Sentinels took the Haven map 13-11 to send the series to Bind.

On the final map, the Sentinels quickly took a 14-6 lead from TenZ with 1 kills. NRG did not produce the answers it needed. The Sentinels took an 19-11 lead at halftime with 1 kills from TenZ. NRG has won an impeccable (and also vital) pistol round to begin what should have been a possible comeback. However, the Sentinels managed to finish the series with a good A-site attack.

The Sentinels will open the weekend with a game against the Pittsburgh Knights next Friday.


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