VALORANT celebrates Halloween with the SoulStrife costume set

To celebrate the traditional spooky holiday, Riot Games is offering VALORANT players a new Halloween-themed skin pack.

The Soulstrife set will be available in the store starting today and will come with loads of scary cosmetics.

The new pack includes a Phantom, Guardian, Specter, Ghost and a deadly scythe for blade skinning. If we look at the meanings of the names of the weapons, three of them (Spectre, Ghost, Phantom) fit perfectly with this horror theme. Skins are similar to the Marauder and Marauder 2.0 collections, two of the most popular costume sets in the game. But instead of the purple color associated with the Marauder set, Soulstrife is black and white and is shrouded in a ghostly mist.

VALORANT packs tend to stay in the store for one to two weeks. Once the pack is up, players will have to buy them individually at a discounted price, either through the rotation system in the shop or from the Night Market.

dataminer floxayAccording to , the Soulstrife set will cost 7.100 VP. If purchased separately, each weapon will cost 1.775 VP and the scythe will cost 3.550 VP. Also, these skins will only be an enhancement and will not include color variants. (Note that this information has not yet been confirmed by Riot.)

The Soulstrife set is expected to hit the store late tonight when VALORANT Patch 5.09 hits live servers. The release date may differ by region and will likely come to us later as we are based in Europe. The patch will also bring a number of balancing changes to the game.

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