Warframe's Angels of the Zariman expansion launches April 27

Digital Extremes has announced the release date of Angels of the Zariman, its latest expansion for Warframe, in a new trailer and blog explained in his post. The update will be released on April 27.

Angels of the Zariman focuses on the titular colony ship, a key component of Warframe's longstanding notion of being lost in deep space.

Angels of the Zariman will also introduce Gyre, the game's 49th playable Warframe. This new character has a fluid, almost dancer-like aesthetic, built on critical strikes and electrical damage abilities. While Gyre deals electrical damage with abilities like Arcsphere, his critical chance is increased, his Rotorswell ability deals bonus electrical damage on successful critical hits and encourages players to use these potential combos carefully.

The update also brings three new endless modes: Void Flood, Void Cascade, and Void Armageddon, as well as reworks for Zariman-themed weapons, Warframe's Focus Schools, and Eximus enemies.

Expectations are high for Angels of the Zariman following Warframe's critically acclaimed The New War expansion, released last December. Digital Extremes has a solid track record with long-running Warfreme, and the new expansion's evocative environment and number of changes hold a lot of promise.


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